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From vision to reality - The road to build Mella Supply


Starting owning a business is a rollercoster of moments of triumph, challenges, and profound revelation. My path to founding Mella Supply, a platform dedicated to amplifying BIPOC businesses in the beauty and wellness industry, encapsulates all these elements, born from both personal need and broader industry gaps.

The beginning: The Fam Kitchen

Before Mella Supply came into existence, my leap into entrepreneurship started at The Fam Kitchen in 2019.

You are probably thinking 

What's a food and beverage entrepreneur doing in the beauty and wellness scene?

2020: A Year of Unforeseen Challenges

2020 was that year ! Along with my family we open in late 2019 serving an average of 100 meals just at lunch time. The subsequent lockdowns transformed the operational landscape for The Fam Kitchen, but more significantly, they took a toll on my mental and physical well-being. Amidst of everything I lost my father, and right after I lost my friend and kitchen chef, to suicide. 

Something that our degrees and traditional form of education don't tell us about entrepreneurship (well, they don't teach at all) is the amount of toll that starting a business and subsequently from scratch takes on your body and mind.

A Pivot Towards Self-Care and Inclusivity

I embarked on a journey of recovery and self-reflection. I chose to focus not only on my mental health but also to reinforce my commitment to self-care changing my routines and my habits including were my money goes, and it was here that I found the motivation that would lead to the creation of Mella Supply.

One of my longest frustrations when buying self-care products was the amount of time I would spend in a physical store searching for suitable products for me, an AFRICAN WOMAN with 3b curly hair and hyperpigmentation skin.


Let's take a moment to look behind the scenes.

The beauty industry, a realm of glamour and allure, hasn't always welcomed everyone. The challenge was beyond finding products but finding those that represented and understood my identity and experiences.

The Inspiration Behind Mella Supply

"The offer was not offering " simply.

I wanted good, natural products, suitable for my skin and hair, created preferably by Afro-brands or brands whose target personas also included someone like me or similar to me.

This quest led me to discover and support small BIPOC-owned businesses, though it was challenging.

The struggles these businesses faced—balancing quality with marketing, logistics, and management—resonated with mine. It became clear that the journey of Afro-entrepreneurs was lonely, irrespective of the industry.

The realization sparked a vision: to create a platform that not only made BIPOC businesses visible but also supported and nurtured their growth. Mella Supply was conceived to bridge the gap between BIPOC consumers seeking authentic, representative products and the entrepreneurs eager to serve them, yet constrained by the limitations of visibility and resources.

Our Mission: Occupying Spaces, Digital and Physical

Mella Supply is more than a platform; it's a movement towards inclusivity, community, and empowerment. Our mission is to occupy digital and physical spaces, elevating BIPOC brands to the forefront of the beauty and wellness sectors. By providing the tools and strategies necessary for growth and visibility, we aim to transform the BIPOC shopping experience from one marred by frustration and exclusion to one of empowerment and representation.

The Heart of Mella Supply: Community and Self-Care

At its core, Mella Supply embodies a profound understanding of self-care. It's not just about the products we use but about creating spaces where we feel seen, understood, and valued. This journey, from confronting personal adversity to fostering a community of BIPOC entrepreneurs, underscores the essence of what we do. Through Mella Supply, we're not just supporting businesses but nurturing a culture of inclusivity and mutual uplift.

Join Us on This Journey

To every BIPOC entrepreneur navigating the challenges of business ownership and every consumer searching for products that truly represent you. 

This is our form of self-care—creating a world where every BIPOC entrepreneur and consumer are seen and recgonized.

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